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I found my weight heading in the wrong direction mainly through those days of inactivity and the tendency to eat more when the pain got bad.The food is better than I expected after listening to some whining about it.

I just checked back thru the comments and realized I never got around to replying to you.Nutrisystem meals do contain preservatives but no more than supermarket alternatives.Another thing that you can do that will really help you is to drink plenty of plain water every day.The NS website says that 1-2 pounds a week is common but there seem to be many losing 10-15 pounds a month.Your right, they DO help and are very good once you get on top of them.I am considering eating a strip or two of bacon every morning to protect myself.There are so many NutriSystem dinner entrees that I love. NutriSystem Week 10: Laura ranks the NS dinners. sort of a gourmet diet dish.I think if your gonna do a diet tailored for men, then make it a diet with good, wholesome meals that taste good and have good texture.

Its better to eat several small light meals through the day than the standard three square meals but then missing one or more out altogether.The food is not 5 star, but it is a decent replacement option.Green tea is good for you, but tea and coffee, even though they are liquid will also dehydrate you a little.

I am laid off and looking for a job but of course our economy sucks.I thought I would comment before I start so I can let you know on my progress within the next 2 months.

Comments found on this site do not reflect the views of the as.I am not pinning all my hopes on this but so far it seems to be a good experience.While the packaged meals are complete meals in themselves, they are smaller than many people are used to.It is by no means the best food I have eaten in my life, but there is nothing wrong with it and must say that I have been pleasantly surprised.

They guy I spoke to on the phone was most helpful and had everything finalized real fast.I have not cheated, have enjoyed the food, followed the plan, and attend Jazzercise classes 4 times per week and walk daily, weather permitting.This system is awesome, the meals are good ( I add veggies to the meals and always a salad).Hence, our readers have requested us to do one in order to shed some light into this very popular diet.If you do decide to go with Nutrisystem and heavy exercise makes you feel hungry soon after eating, you might want to supplement the meals with foods recommended by Nutrisystem, such as fresh green vegetables, salads, some fruits etc.For me, NS has been better than Weight Watchers or counting calories or eating Lean Cuisine.My grandmother is 97, eats very well although she is of very small build but still runs for the bus at her age.When i look at the meal plans for vegetarians, they dont have a select plan that means no frozen food.The overall cost of my Nutrisystem Silver plan was actually slightly cheaper than what I would otherwise spend on all my food in a four week period.

With all the exercising you are doing could it be that you are building muscle, which I am told weighs more than fat and that is the reason you are not seeing a weight loss.Well, I had been gaining weight pretty bad after the breakup of my 12 year marriage, till I got to the stage where i just woke up one morning and said to myself, enough is enough.Getting creative is making intelligent use of the diet and your own ideas to make it personal to you, which is another way of boosting your success.You clearly do not like processed food, yet you still signed up for this diet.You need to get a little strict with yourself and that comes with truly wanting to lose that weight.They can talk you through what you have done so far and advise the best way forward for you based on what you tell them.I have my leg in plaster after breaking my shin bone last month and I have gained almost 16 pounds in that time through not being able to move around well.Second, my arthritis eased up a lot, which made me even more happy.

And not so much because of the cost, or even the weight lost.Tried NS last year and was disappointed after the first month.The decision to try NS came after I had what I hear folks say is a moment of clarity.I lost 50 lbs. and counting by buying convenience foods at my local supermarket and most are quite tasty and a lot more variety.All I can think is that those that complained loudest must have gotten on the phone to support with a bad, argumentative attitude to begin with.