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The compound, known by the chemical name dicoumarol, is now prepared synthetically.Natures Sunshine Lymphatic Drainage Facts and Ordering Information.

Hoelen and Alisma Combination is the representative formula, containing all of the key herbs listed except pinellia and arisaema.Table 1: Sample Formulas for Resolving Phlegm-Damp Accumulations by Gong Tingxian.The confluence of the two terms occurs when describing a large volume of somewhat thick fluid and is distinguished from a simple phlegm disorder, which has a lower volume of accumulated material.Common Symptoms of Sinusitis: Drainage of a thick discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat.

Herbal Garden Body Exfoliation A light massage using a Farmaesthetics.Aided by properties as an alterative, a classification of herbs once referred.Homeopathic Medicine For Tissue Cleansing and. summer using single remedies at varying potencies or as combination drainage.Lymphatic Support to assist in the treatment of fluid retention, promotes elimination and rids the body of waste. helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system through.These include manual lymph drainage (in essence, massaging the fluid out of the arms), compressive bandaging (preventing accumulation of fluid by restricting arm volume), and physical exercises (that promote lymph drainage).

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Benzopyrone treatment has not been approved in the U.S. and a study that might have led to its use here yielded a negative result.

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He described the use of benzopyrones, coumarin and troxerutin, for this purpose in 1974 (11).Lymphatic Drainage Formula Alcohol-free, liquid herbal formula for enhancing lymphatic drainage The lymphatic system provides a collection system for remov-.The second herb, red clover tea, has antioxidants that help to metabolize lymphatic-clogging toxins and further purify your body.The lymphatic system was not understood in the western world until as little as two decades ago, yet this system is responsible for keeping us healthy and vibrant on.The ingredients work together to clean and tone the lymphatic system. Herbs and Supplements.Although Gong Tingxian took his medical studies very seriously as a youth, he apparently did not have the more aggressive, career-oriented attitude that some other family members exhibited.

There is some research activity regarding the benzopyrones outside of the Casley-Smith facility of Australia, especially in Italy.The basis of the formulation style pursued by Gong Tingxian can be traced rather directly from the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue by Zhang Zhongjing (at the end of the Han Dynasty) and from the Song Dynasty Compendium Hejiju Fang ( Taiping Huimin Hejiju Fang ).Outside the U.S., a treatment method based on use of natural compounds known as benzopyrones has been studied.

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Scientifically known as Gallium aparine, cleavers is a gentle lymphogogue that can.The first group of formulas (Table 4a) mainly includes additional herbs for clearing deficiency heat (e.g., anemarrhena, phellodendron) and getting rid of dampness (e.g., citrus, hoelen, atractylodes).Overview of lymphedema,. such women must not use the herbal supplement.

It improves lymphatic drainage and kidney and liver function as well, two key organs that clear toxins from your system.Supplements that can further help lymphatic drainage and detoxification.In many cases of breast cancer, it is standard practice to remove tissues beyond the main tumor mass.One can see that his favored herbs were hoelen, atractylodes, pinellia, arisaema, citrus (of various types, including chih-shih, chih-ko, and blue citrus), licorice, ginger, magnolia bark, saussurea, cardamon, and cyperus.

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A special blend of herbs for deep cleansing and improving flow of lymph through the body system.The information on this website is intended for educational and research purposes only.Lymphatic Drainage is used to improve the flow of the energy, and enhancing blood circulation.

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His book Yaoxing Geguo ( Drug Properties in Verse ) published around 1615 A.D., described 400 herbs, having added another 160 items that were in frequent use at the time, though he preferred to stick to certain well-established ingredients.In one study using a mixture of flavonoids different than those relied on by Casley-Smith but, presumably, with the same action, improvements were said to be observed starting from the third month of treatment (12).

The usual treatment time in clinical trials for lymphedema using benzopyrones is six months.Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a therapeutic modality that uses gentle massage strokes intended to enhance the natural drainage of the lymph fluid from the.Lymphatic Drainage Massage on Back DVD Product Description Chinese Medicine Massage.

The main effect of wind and other evil influences on the body, as understood by Gong, was a binding up of the flow of qi and moisture.Other non-benzopyrone flavonoids found in formulas by Gong Tingxian include those from scute and morus bark.